Hooded Sweat Shirt in Navy Heather

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Take a close look at the picture of this hoodie. See those little metal things at the ends of the drawstrings? Do you know what those things are called? (A: at the end of this blurb) This Independent Trading Company hoodie is built of a cotton/poly blend, comes in 6.5 oz weight, and has thumbholes stitched into the cuffs. The slim unisex fit comes with a perfectly sized front pocket that will bring out your inner marsupial and the hood is expertly designed to do what hoods are designed to do. Now to the main reason you're still reading - those things are called aglets. Aglets can be found at the ends of shoelaces, drawstrings, and many different cords that need the loose ends all tied up. Aglets can be made of plastic, rubber, and in some cases even wood. These aglets, however, are made of antique nickel. What? Antique Nickel Aglets? Yes, antique nickel aglets. Nice.