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You've heard people use the expression, "Mind your Ps and Qs," right? Have you ever wondered what that means? Although there are a number of possible sources for this (some that include, dancing or wigs or clothing or handwriting, and others) we here at HA Brewing prefer this one. In the pubs and taverns of 17th century England, beer was the preferred beverage. And beer was served in pints and quarts - Ps and Qs. Every time a patron ordered a pint or quart, servers would keep tabs by leaving a chalk mark on a slate. But when happenings in the pubs would get loud or busy (as they do) a server might forget to mark the slate or make extra marks. Neither scenario is good for the patron or the publican. So, servers, and publicans, and patrons alike would say, "Mind your Ps and Qs" to help everyone stay focused. Well, here is a fine P glass with the HA Brewing logo. When this P glass is full of HA Brewing beer, it's a sight to behold. Again, the one true source of this expression is oft' debated, but we prefer the one that involves beer. Need a glass?